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Spam Blockers

Need help with spam and spam blockers? Whether your looking for a service provider, server based or client based spam blocking system we have a wide range of experience with most of the different systems. Note: all spam blockers will block legitimate messages and must be monitored.

For home and small office my favourite has to be CAŽ Anti-Spam Plus (formerly Qurb) for $29.95/US. In a nutshell, Qurb will build an approved sender list from your address book and current email folders (make sure you clean up existing spam before installing). Any messages from senders not on the approved list are automatically marked as spam.

If you don't want to pay the $29.95/US for Qurb, the freeware spam blocker I like is Spamihilator. Spamihilator intercepts the email before it gets to your email client and uses white-lists, black-lists, DNS black lists and other methods to block spam..

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