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Virus Removal.

Viruses and other malicous software can capture your keystrokes, take over your computer, stop programs from working and even make your system unusable.

If your connected to the internet, chances are it's not a matter of if you will get a virus, but more a matter of when and how.

If you can't remove the virus yourself by updating your current virus protection and running a full scan, ensure only knowledgeable and trusted people perform the removal. Quite often more damage is done trying to remove the virus than the virus itself causes. Hard shut downs can further damage Windows and make your machine unbootable.

The average virus removal takes an hour to an hour and a half as long as Windows is still running and responding. So, you're generally looking at $60 to $90 for a residential virus removal.

Give us a call at 306-374-7237 (P.C.Dr.) for on site virus removal and protection setup.

Virus and Spyware Protection.

The best protection against viruses and malware is common sense. Treat everything on the Internet with a healthy degree of skepticism and suspicion. For every good download on the Internet, there are 10 malicious ones.

Check the link location before clicking on it. Always hover over links with your mouse to check their location, usually shows in the bottom left of the browser, and ensure the address matches where you think it should be going.
  Make sure you have a phishing filter installed. I.e.
      Web of Trust
      BitDefender's TrafficLight
      McAfee's SiteAdvisor
  Make sure you check all links on social networking sites like Facebook.

Don't open email attachments. Even email attachments from friends can be infected. Unless you are expecting the attachment, don't open it.
  Delete all emails with attachments from Facebook.

Turn off the preview pane in your email program. HTML based emails can easily infect you just by previewing them.

Only trust your installed virus protection. I.e.
  Microsoft Security Essentials
  AVG Free
If anything else says your machine is infected, it is the virus.
  Click on the red x in the top right corner to close it or leave it alone.
  DO NOT click on anything in the message.
  Update your AntiVirus and run a full scan.

Schedule automatic anti-virus updates and scans. I recommend setting up nightly updates and scans. This way you can just leave the machine on overnight if you think you are infected.

Always Quarantine if given the option in ANY program. Quarantining will move the infected file to a safe area where it can't do any damage, but can be retrieved if necessary.

Only Continue or Allow programs you recognize. If in doubt, Click the red X or Cancel.

Do Not provide personal information in any communications that you did not initiate. Be it on the Internet, phone or even on the street.

If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. I.e. free music, video, applications, games, porn sites are common sources of infection.

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