💪 Physical Setup 🔧

We don't run cables through walls/ceilings or mount equipment. Call an 👷 Electrician/General Contractor for that.

💻 Windows, iMac, Macbook, Linux.

New computer, moving or just detangling cables? You name it, we can connect it.

  • Unpack/setup or Take down.
  • Cable management/Detangling the cables.
  • Network and WiFi/Wireless connections.
  • Keyboards, mice.
  • Displays/monitors/TVs.
  • Printers, scanners.
  • Speakers, microphones, headsets.

🖨 Printers/Scanners.

  • Unpacking, setup and connection support. USB, WiFi/Wireless, Network and even LPT/Parallel port.
  • Show you how to change the ink, load the paper and perform a scan/copy.
  • Off warranty Commericial Printer & Copier configuration and networking support. Ricoh, Xerox, Canon, HP, etc..
  • Canon or Brother printers recommended for home office/small office (less than 10 people). Also recommend Ricoh, but you won't find them in your typical office supply/computer store.
    • Reliable, durable and typically easy to setup and use.
    • Canon has better picture quality at a higher cost per page.
    • Brother prints photos just fine, but hold it up to a Canon print and you will generally see the difference.
    • Laser printers have the lowest cost per page in the long run. Toner cartridges cost more than inkjet, but do thousands of pages. Inkjet cartridges do only hundreds of pages...

📶 Routers, Wireless Extenders/Mesh, IoT, Home Assistants, Security Cameras...

If it needs to connect to a network or computer, we can help.😀

  • Internet connection trouble shooting. Routers, switches and hubs.
    • Unplug your modem (Sasktel, Shaw box).
    • Count to 10.
    • Plug it back in.
    • Wait 5 minutes. Should see the Internet light (globe/wan) start flashing.
    • Try your internet now.
    • If still not working, call Shaw or Sasktel to check your connection.
    • Still not working, give us a Call.
  • WiFi/Wireless troubleshooting and setup. Can't connect or connection dropping? Reset router as above. Still not working? We have multiple options for you.
    • WiFi Extenders. Cheapest option. These work by picking up the signal from your main wi-fi router and retransmitting it. While this does cut down the overall speed, it is usually made up for by the stronger signal. Work well when there is no interference from other routers. Don't work well in apartment or office buildings. Currently recommend the Netgear Nighthawk extenders.
    • Powerline Extenders. Quite often work better than Wireless Extenders. These work by transmitting your network signal over your existing powerlines. plug 1 unit into your existing router. Plug the other unit in close to where you are. Definitely don't work in all situations. If your powerlines are too noisy, these devices will not work well. Make sure you test before and after speeds. More than 3 adapters also has a habit of making too much noise to work.
    • Wireless Mesh Network. The most reliable solution. The base unit connects to your existing router. Mesh nodes are placed where needed to provide coverage. The nodes all talk to each other to create a mesh providing much better coverage than extenders. We can assist with many different mesh systems. Custom firmware, Netgear Extenders/Orbi, Ubiquiti, Google Nest WiFi, eero, Plume...
  • VPN - Virtual Private Network.
    • Office/Home VPN Server. Encrypted connection to your office or home over the internet. A computer or router resides at your home or office. You install client software on your phone, tablet or computer to establish an encrypted connection.
    • Private Internet Access. Encrypted internet access. Protect yourself on public WiFi and prying eyes in general. Get around geographic restrictions. Your browsing and passwords are quite often unencrypted so that anyone on the same network can see them without VPN encryption.
  • Security camera network and storage trouble shooting.
  • Cloud based security systems. Canary, Google Nest, Arlo by Netgear...

📺 Smart TV/Media Boxes/Sticks/Apple TV.

  • Connecting to Wireless/WiFi/Network. TV/Stereo connections. Keyboards/Mice.
  • Connect a keyboard and mouse to your smart TV.
  • Turn your phone or tablet into a full fledged computer.

🔈 Home Theatre.

Having problems getting all those wires figured out? While not computers, we can assist with connecting a wide range of devices. TVs, DVD/BluRay, DVR, Media boxes...