🖨 Printers/Scanners.

  • Unpacking, setup and connection support. USB, WiFi/Wireless, Network and even LPT/Parallel port.
  • Show you how to change the ink, load the paper and perform a scan/copy.
  • Off warranty Commericial Printer & Copier configuration and networking support. Ricoh, Xerox, Canon, HP, etc..
  • Canon or Brother printers recommended for home office/small office (less than 10 people). Also recommend Ricoh, but you won't find them in your typical office supply/computer store.
    • Reliable, durable and typically easy to setup and use.
    • Canon has better picture quality at a higher cost per page.
    • Brother prints photos just fine, but hold it up to a Canon print and you will generally see the difference.
    • Laser printers have the lowest cost per page in the long run. Toner cartridges cost more than inkjet, but do thousands of pages. Inkjet cartridges do only hundreds of pages...