Data Recovery

The worst case scenario with a computer is the drive failing. Always have a backup.

If you need the data and your drive is clicking, hiccuping, contact CBLData. They should be able to recover your data, but it can be quite expensive, $800 - $1,800 is not unheard of.

As long as we can still see the drive, we can generally get the data off of it for considerably cheaper than that. Plus, you don't have to send the drive away.

If you have a large amount of data, or the drive is in bad condition, we will take it off-site for recovery. Depending on the condition of the drive, we will either try to get an image or copy the data off first. If we can get an image, this can be restored to another drive to bring the machine back up as if nothing happened.😀 Otherwise, data can be copied to whatever you desire.