Startup and Performance Tuning.

We diagnose and correct slow performance, hangs, freezes and update problems.

We currently use AnVir Task Manager Free
Anvir Task Manager Free. Startup Monitor. Can be used to block changes to startup, but with Windows 10 - 1903, I am not using this as much. You can now disable startup items in task manager.
and CCleaner.
CCleaner. Cleanup tool. Uninstall programs, Clear caches and temporary files, System configuration utility.
to assist with this.
  • Registry.

    Machine and User Runs, Shells, CurrentControlSet, CurrentVersions, Login, Strange entries in general.
  • Services and Scheduled Tasks.

    Disable all but system and your required tasks (i.e. backups).
  • Context Menus.

    Those menus that pop up when you right click something. If it takes a long time for it to come up, there is likely an invalid "Context Menu" item.
Use Finder to check:
/Library and ~/Library
  • Applications
  • Application Support
  • Launch*
  • Start*
  • Preferences
  • Remove plist files only if required. Resets application settings to default.
/etc/crontab and /System/Library/LaunchDaemons for scheduled tasks.
Also check iCal/Calendar for scheduled tasks.
iPhone/iPad, Android, Media Box
  • Restart device. Always first step with these devices.😀
  • Remove unused and unknown apps.
  • Clear cache.
    • iPhone/iPad: Settings > Storage.
    • Android: Settings > Application Manager. You can also clear cache in recovery mode to correct some problems.
  • Ensure proper/safe browser is being used. Recommend Google Chrome (cross platform sync). Safari is fine as well. If privacy is a concern, then Firefox is always an option, but you will likely still need to use Chrome/Safari on some sites.
Check for:
  • Drive errors. Symptoms: hangs, slow, not starting.
  • Over heating. Symptoms: Slows down when system busy.
  • Errors logged in Windows Event Viewer or Mac Console.
  • Startup programs. Ensure only required programs are running. Remove factory installed trial software and bloatware.
  • Home Page and Search Engine changes. Reset to defaults or user choice.
  • Browser Extensions. One of the more popular ways of infecting computers is with internet browser extensions. Those little icons at the top of your window. Unless actively used, we disable all browser extensions and setup Adblock Plus and Bitdefender Trafficlight.
When it comes to tuning up a computer or cleaning it of viruses, we have 1 basic rule. If we don't recognize it, we treat it like a virus. We will check with you to see if you recognize the program (😀I guess we haven't seen everything). If you don't recognize it, we disable
We only delete known viruses/malware. Anything else we don't recognize, we disable so it can be restored if it causes an issue.
it from starting.