Born 1963
in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.


Took Data Processing in high school with a Mainframe connection to the University of Regina.


Bought my first Personal Computer (PC) and started attending the Saskatchewan Technical Institute (STI now known as SIAST). I worked full-time to put myself through school and graduated on the "Dean's List".


Started as a COBOL programmer working on banking, financial and insurance software. Received extensive training and exposure to databases, mainframe computers and their associated systems.


Programming was boring, so I moved to the network department supporting the DOS based PC Front End to the main-frame banking system. This involved installation, support and automation of PC systems and networks ranging from DOS 3.x and a Token Ring network to Windows 98se and Ethernet networks.
During this time I kept up (part time) my programming skills including; C++, HTML/DHTML, Javascript, Perl, PHP, VBA, Visual Basic, Windows Script, DOS Batch, Clipper, T-SQL, and many others.
Also proficient with the following database systems; SQL, MySQL, IBM DB2, dbase3, FoxPro, Oracle (limited) and a few other obscure and mainframe databases.
Other operating systems I worked with during this time include; DOS 3.x to 7.x, Unix, Linux, OS/2 1.x to Warp, Windows 3.x/9x/NT/ME.
Also worked extensively with applications including (but not limited to); IIS, Apache Web Server, RAS/RRAS, Microsoft Office Applications, Terminal Server, Backup Exec, Arcserve, Adobe Photoshop (and other graphics programs), Eagle Firewall (and many other internet firewalls), etc. Also worked extensively with many computer interfaces for the blind.


Started working as the manager of a network department in southern Ontario (what can I say, they made me an offer I couldn't refuse). During this time I continued to expand my knowledge into Windows NT/2000/XP and Linux operating systems. Main responsibilities included securing, trouble shooting and automating computers and networks with a team of 4 people.
During this time, I continued to expand my knowledge of computers, networks, peripherals, firewalls, databases and best practices.
While working there, I started working more with hand held computers (pda, personal digital assistants) with both Palm and Windows CE operating systems. This experience extended in Blackberry and remote syncronization of multiple devices.


Tired of the corporate world, time to try my hand at private consulting.


Tired of the traffic in Calgary. Moved to Saskatoon.


14 Years in this business, still learning, growing. Updated this web site.
Born 1962
in Ottawa, Ontario.


Bought my first Personal Computer (PC) and started attending the Saskatchewan Technical Institute (STI now known as SIAST). I worked full-time to put myself through school and started raising my family.


Hired to learn and implement computer systems and networks for the natural gas compressor stations in the province of Saskatchewan. Learned the Mac computer as well as network topology.


Transferring to Moose Jaw was a major improvement (imagine that) from the small town we had lived in. PC's were becoming more common place and I was picking up on new and wonderful technologies. Novell networking and servers were replacing the Mac appletalk systems. IP was a new term I was getting very familiar with. Full time work wasn't full time enough and I started working part time at a local computer store to acquire internal repair and building knowledge.
The internet was coming of age and I got to work with some state of the art (at the time) gear that was used in providing internet services. Modems were getting faster and the internet seemed like it would just keep getting more powerful.


Having now earned the designation of provincial IT guy I was again transferred, this time to Regina. Over the next few years I would see the end of the Macs and the full implementation of PC's. New software and hardware was keeping my brain busy and the roll-outs of new systems was occupying the rest of me. Networks were now being upgraded as well and I continued to learn and develop expertise. Mainframe systems were available, used and supported. I learned different Vax based applications so as to support the end users, my focus was always with the end user.


Tired of the constant travel and the desire to spend more time at home I switched companies to support a multination company based in Regina. Over the next 4 years I achieved accreditations from Novell, Microsoft and Citrix as I continued to support multiple people and platforms.
Unique custom applications were introduced and a steep learning curve awaited me but I was up to the challenge.


Wanting to check out greener pastures I left for the big city lights and moved to Calgary to see what I could do. Becoming self employed as a private consultant, sub-contracting seemed to be an ideal fit for what I liked to do, I continued to learn and progress on my repair techniques and system knowledge.


Having found out for myself that the grass was not greener, my family and I decided to slow the pace down a little and move to a smaller center so as to take care of people's computer needs, and that led me here to Saskatoon.