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(Printed with permission)

Good Morning Mike!

I just wanted to drop you a quick line and say a HUGE thank you to both you and Jeff for saving my boyfriend's computer! I was completely expecting to hear that it was pooched and needed to be wiped; I will definitely pass on your name to any of my friends or family that have need of your services.

Thanks again!!!!


(Printed with permission)

Re: Jeff Smith...... In-Home-Computer-Repair
From: Bill ......, Aug 24,2009
As introduction....since I retired from the Saskatoon Board of Education in 1987
I have made it a point to tell, phone, fax or e-mail to recognize exceptional service.

Here goes about Jeff Smith:

At age 47 a very proud 1st time grandpa
Moved to Saskatoon about a year ago to enjoy a smaller city
Worked for many IPCO size companies in many big cities.
My experience with him on a computer virus problem: pleasant, punctual, inspires confidence, very interesting to talk with while waiting for the computer to do its thing, thoroughly enjoys talking with people, very knowledgeable in general and in computers.
Between him and partner. a total of 50 yrs computer experience
Rates very reasonable. At $60/hr they are very definitely in the lower quartile or better.
Has a sense of humor: My options were to pay by cheque ,Visa or cash...particularly if I paid in $25 bills for which he would credit me $30. Well I learned.. ..that in 1935 the Canadian Bank printed a bright pink $25 bill with photos of King George and Queen Elizabeth. They are now about $10,000 if you can ever find one!
Their ad in the yellow pages is on page 815. Bottom of page. Business card included below
In a smaller city like Saskatoon (unlike Calgary) he said "word of mouth" advertising is helpful to them.